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With influences from Rachmaninoff to Radiohead and Mendelssohn to Massive Attack, Zaritza fuses styles and cultures to create sophisticated, relatable, contemporary electro pop.


Zaritza was born in a small village in Russia at the end of the Soviet era. As an only child, music was her constant companion and foil against the struggles of daily life.  From a young age Zaritza excelled at music both as a dancer and classical pianist. Her talents were quickly identified and she fast tracked under an intense curriculum for gifted musical students. She won numerous regional piano competitions and received awards and a stipend from the Russian government.  


As a teenager, she began to write and record her own original pop songs. After graduating from high school, and ten years of musical training, Zaritza emigrated to the U.S. in pursuit of greater creative freedom, and the chance to pursue her musical career.


Zaritza’s music reflects a life between two worlds, exploring themes of love, identity, alienation, dreams and disappointment. Her music echoes her own personal journey from her Russian roots to life as an American.


In 2016 she was invited to share the story of her journey on the TEDx Conference stage.


In 2017, Zaritza released her self-titled debut album, featuring 9 original tracks including the single ‘Diseased’ alongside two distinctive cover versions from Nirvana and Radiohead. The album was promoted with shows at The Rainbow Room, Drom in New York City; the Saint in Asbury Park, NJ; the Newport International Film Festival and she was invited to open for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra on one of their U.S. tour dates


In 2019, her single Slot Machine signals a bold new dimension to her music.  It’s highly charged, sensual themes explore female sexual confidence, desire and expression. The accompanying video showcases her talents as both musician and dancer.


In July 2020, Zaritza released her single Tic Toc, an electronically-driven track that represents the new soul of today's musical scene and is accompanied by sensual lyrics to bring a call for love and life while highlighting feminine energy through her words, her vocal performance and her visual representations that can be seen in her artworks and music videos.


In October 2020, her new single Make Me Believe was released where Zaritza captures the zeitgeist of this strange year, taking a step back from the beat heavy productions of previous works to reflect on the power of emotions and that rush of feelings that define the beginning of a new relationship.

Currently she's working on her new EP which will continue to develop this new electro-pop sound, alongside a strong emphasis on video and dance performance. Expect a fusion of light pop with more dark, sensual electronic sounds.

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