With influences from Rachmaninoff to Radiohead and Mendelssohn to Massive Attack, Zaritza fuses styles and cultures to create sophisticated, relatable, contemporary electro pop.


Zaritza's music reflects her cultural journey from the classical traditions and an austere rural life in her native Russia to the creative energy and technical innovation of her adopted American homeland. Raised in a Ural Mountains village, Zaritza was a government-sponsored classical pianist throughout her youth. She began writing pop songs as a teenager, recording and performing them while attending university. Tracing the footsteps of her idol, the great Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninoff, she emigrated to the U.S. in pursuit of greater creative freedom, and the chance to pursue her musical career.


In 2017, Zaritza released her self-titled debut album, featuring 9 original tracks including the single ‘Diseased’ alongside two distinctive cover versions from Nirvana and Radiohead. The album was promoted with shows at The Rainbow Room, Drom in New York City; the Saint in Asbury Park, NJ; the Newport International Film Festival and she was invited to open for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra on one of their U.S. tour dates. She also was a featured speaker and performer at the TEDxNavesink conference.


Her new single Slot Machine signals a bold new dimension to her music. It’s highly charged, sensual themes explore female sexual confidence, desire and expression. The accompanying video showcases her talents as both musician and dancer.  The single precedes a new EP which will continue to develop this new electro-pop sound, alongside a strong emphasis on video and dance performance. Expect a fusion of light pop with more dark, sensual electronic sounds.



"All I can say is: ooh la la. Zaritza really has something going on. This is a great album, full of mesmerizing melodies that span the spectrum from rock to classical. And Zaritza’s voice is superb. Don’t miss Zaritza. It’s delish! " – Randy Rock, 

“If this music video and single are a taste of what we can count on hearing a lot more of from Zaritza, to suggest that she’s going to be one of the more important indie players in the game come next year wouldn’t be too forward a statement to make by any critical measurement, professional or amateur. “ - Loren Sperry, 

“Zaritza is reaching out to us in stereo in “Slot Machine,” and whether we’re consuming the track on its own or indulging in the sexually-charged spellbinder that is the song’s mighty music video, this is one number that isn’t going to escape your mind in 2019. “ - Heather Savage, 

“Slot Machine” is, at its simplest, a multidimensional song and music video from an incredible up and comer that you need to be listening to at the moment. - Mindy McCall,


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