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Electro-pop/rock that merges the energy & technology of modern music with the drama & romance of classical music

"Music is my passion ... it's a universal language that connects people and cultures".  Zaritza's songs reflect a life between two worlds, as an American who came from Russia, she explores themes that we all can relate to -- love, identity, alienation, dreams, disappointments -- amplified through her experiences, and struggles, as an immigrant. 


Zaritza has been making music since she was a small child.  She spent her youth studying, practicing and performing classical piano under an intense curriculum for gifted students.  She won numerous regional piano competitions and received awards and a stipend from the government.  As a teenager, Zaritza also began to write pop songs and, by the time she was at her university in Russia, she was performing and recording her original music. 


Zaritza's musical compositions and production merge the energy and innovation of modern American and British rock/pop with the drama and romance of her traditional roots in Russian and other classical piano. As such, her influences range from Rachmaninoff to Radiohead, from Garbage to Grieg, from Mendelssohn to Massive Attack.


Zaritza emigrated to the U.S. in pursuit of greater creative freedom and a career in music. In the years since, Zaritza has performed her original electro-pop/rock music at clubs and other venues around the Northeast, including the Rainbow Room and the Metropolitan Room, as well as releasing her album at Drom in New York City; the Saint in Asbury Park, NJ; the Newport International Film Festival and opening for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra on one of their U.S. tour dates. Last year, she was invited to share the story of her personal and musical journey in a TEDx conference presentation!

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